Star Award

Each year, Queen Charlotte Chorus recognizes one of its own members who has faithfully and tirelessly served and worked for the good of the chorus. This year, we were lucky enough to recognize two of our members!

Jen Speck became a member of Queen Charlotte Chorus in 2017. Jen sings lead and currently serves on the Management Team as the Communications Coordinator; she has also co-chaired several major chorus initiatives. Nominations for Jen spoke to her detailed organization skills and her tireless initiative for designing and implementing new projects.
Claudia Crist is a long-standing member of Queen Charlotte Chorus, having joined the chorus in 1991. Claudia has served the chorus in many ways over the years, from costuming to operations. Claudia sings bass but has also moonlighted as a tenor in chorus and quartets. Nominations for Claudia noted her dedication to Queen Charlotte Chorus and her willing spirit in taking on behind-the-scenes roles.