Musical Director

The director of Queen Charlotte Chorus is Debbie Scott. Debbie has been singing all her life, was "bit by the barbershop bug" when she joined as a member of Queen Charlotte Chorus in 1995. Debbie is a six-time regional quartet champion and International Quartet Champion as the tenor of Speed of Sound. She has recently completed the Sweet Adelines International Director Certification Program (DCP) and leads Queen Charlotte Chorus with a mix of enthusiasm, humor and experience. 

Former Directors

Ben Mills: Ben grew up singing barbershop music. He is an avid quartetter and was a founding member of the Carolina Vocal Express, a 100-man chorus based in Gastonia, NC, that has competed successfully several times in the Barbershop Harmony Society's international competition. Ben took over directing responsibilities for the chorus in May 2016, but had to resign a year later when he, his wife, Sasha, and their seven children relocated to Chicago. 

Cindy Shook: Cindy joined Queen Charlotte Chorus as a member in 1974. in 1987, Cindy and her quartet, Esprit de Corps, won the regional contest and competed at the international competition in Hawaii. That same year, Cindy became chorus director. In 1988, with Cindy as the new director, the chorus placed first at regional competition. She earned the title of Master Director in 1998, when the chorus scored over 600 for the first time. During her tenure, the chorus competed internationally five times and placed as high as 10th in international competition. She retired, accepting the role of Director Emeritus, and stepped back on to the risers in 2017.

Mary K Coffman: Mary K is well known in Sweet Adelines circles as the arranger and composer of "Thank You, Dear Lord, for Music." She was a music teacher and college band director. Mary K was a talented and prolific composer, arranger, beloved coach and Sweet Adelines music judge. She directed the chorus from May 1975 to April 1987 and took the chorus to international competition four times. 

Mary Gravely: Mary co-directed Queen Charlotte Chorus with Mary K for one year, in 1986. 

Bill James: Bill took over directing duties in May 1973 until April 1975, when he relocated to the Washington, DC area. 

Melvin Justice (MJ) "Skinny" Harris: Skinny Harris directed the chorus from May 1967 to April 1973. He was a judge and lifetime member of SPEBSQSA (now the Barbershop Harmony Society). He was also a member of the Southern Fried Jazz Band and toured the country with them. For 27 years in retirement, he played his tenor banjo and clarient at the Cajun Queen restaurant in Charlotte. He passed away on October 28, 2015, at the age of 95. 

Carla Morrison: Carla was a founding member of Queen Charlotte Chorus, who moved to Charlotte from the Rancocus chapter and took the chorus to its first international competition in Pittsburgh.